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Refund Policy

Amending or Cancelling a Booking

  1. If you need to amend or cancel your booking please send an email through our web site form. Please check all booking details on receipt of confirmation. Bristol Park & Fly cannot be held responsible if customers do not advise of any amendments required. For cancellations please include your booking reference number and details of required changes.

  2. During bad weather we cannot refund your payment if you are unable to arrive at Bristol Park & Fly. If your plans change email info@bristolparkandfly.com as we treat all refunds individually.

  3. Due to the nature of booking and reserving a car parking space, we cannot fully refund your booking, unless it is cancelled within 24 hours of it being made, in which case, we will return your original payment minus an administrative charge of £10.00.

  4. No refund will be given if your stay is shorter than the booking period. If you arrive early or leave late and your vehicle is parked on days outside the booking period, you will be charged for those extra day(s) at the standard rate applicable to your booking transaction.

  5. No refund will be given if your flight is delayed or cancelled.
  6. Cancellations shall be in email or by post to:
 1 Ashford Road
 North Somerset
 BS40 5TH
 Or e-mail to: